Kasturi Nagar Minor Oral Surgeries TREATMENT

The Best Minor Oral Surgeries Treatment In Kasturi Nagar, Bengaluru

Understanding Minor Oral Surgeries and It’s Importance

What are various minor oral surgeries done by dentists? How are these procedures performed?

Minor oral surgeries are a relatively new field in dentistry and continues to grow. It is an amalgamation of different procedures done by dentists to treat problems in the mouth. Dentists perform these surgeries to help with pain relief or deal with any health problems that arise in these areas.

Various procedures are done on the gums, mouth floor, and throat during minor oral surgery. For example, removal of wisdom tooth, removal of cysts/tumors from the mouth, dental extraction, root canal treatment, ablation or removal of the gums, correction of orthodontic problems are the various procedures and minor surgeries that dentists can perform. 

Dentists have specific training for these types of procedures that is separate from their dental training. These procedures can be performed while the patient is awake, asleep, or under general anesthesia.

There are many minor surgeries that can be performed by dentists including:

  • Removal of wisdom tooth
  • Removal of cysts/tumors from the mouth
  • Dental extraction
  • Root canal treatment
  • Ablation or removal of the gums
  • Correction of orthodontic problems.
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